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What is Ads Manager by ACT360?

Ads Manager by ACT360 is an easy way to run Facebook Ads in Nepal. Firstly you can pay in Nepali currency and secondly it allows you to pay legally.

You can login to the app www.adsmanager.com.np using your Facebook account and follow instructions for boosting the posts you want. The minimum you can boost is USD 5 for a maximum period of 5 days. This will cost you approximately NRs. 823.

Is it safe?

Our app is totally safe. Ads Manager by ACT360 is an easy way to run Facebook Ads in Nepal. Firstly you can pay in Nepali currency and secondly it allows you to pay legally. At the end of your transaction we generate a VAT receipt for you which shows a legal transaction.

Page Roles & Requests

I haven’t received a notification for the page link request.

Please visit the Page Roles setting in your Facebook page. This request can only be seen in the desktop version of Facebook and not the mobile version. Only admins can see this request so if you are not an admin of the page you will not have the permission to accept the request.

Our app automatically cancels all page requests which have not been accepted within 5 minutes.

What page role access do you have?

We do not interfere with any of our clients pages. The permission the app has is only of Page Advertiser – this lets us run ads but does not let us post, modify, moderate, send messages, etc.

Post Boosts

Why can’t my previous posts be shown?

The app scrapes through the first 25 recent posts at the moment. If you would like to boost an older post then we suggest reposting it.

What will be the reach of my ads?

The actual reach and all ad-related stats will be available to you from the ads dashboard real time when the ad runs.
The potential reach depends on the targeting you select such as location, interests, age group, etc. For e.g. if you select a small location the ad will be shown to a fewer number of people.

Usually a minimum boost of USD $5 for a period of 5 days will get you a total reach of 5000 to 8000 people.

I’m having trouble fetching posts to boost

If any posts says “boost unavailable” in your page, the app may not be able to fetch it since it cannot be boosted.

You can try sharing the post again on your page’s timeline to see if it can be boosted then.

How much time will you take to boost my post?

It will take a minimum of 24 hours before you can boost your post. If you do decide to boost a post, the post will be available to our Ads review team to review, before scheduling with Facebook.

If you have scheduled your ad before a public holiday or before Saturday then you may have to wait 48 hours.

Can you boost video posts?

Yes you can boost video posts provided there is a ‘Boost Available’ option below your video. If there is no such option it could be because of your age restriction options or page role.

Payments & Financial Info

How can I add balance?

You will need to deposit the amount in our company bank account directly or pay through Khalti.

What is the minimum I can pay for a boost?

The minimum balance required for a boost is of NRs. 832 ($5 USD) for a maximum of 5 days.

Can I pay through eSewa?

At the moment we only have integration with Khalti but we plan to add eSewa soon.

Can I pay in bulk?

You can either pay per boost basis or buy balance from us up to NRs. 10,000 at one time.

What are your bank account details?

Our bank account is at NMB Bank, and our account number is 07700300393378000001. A.C.T. Three Sixty Pvt Ltd.

Once you have done this, please do email a scanned copy of the receipt to accounts@act360.com.np with the full name and phone number of the relevant Facebook account.

All transactions will be provided with a proper VAT bill.

What is your cost breakdown?

The minimum you can boost is USD 5 for a maximum period of 5 days. This will cost you approximately NRs. 823.

The cost breakdown for our app is as follows:

  • Ad Spend ($)
  • TDS (15%)
  • Bank Charge (3.5%)
  • Service Charge (15%)
  • VAT (13%)
  • Total

Currently our exchange rate is fixed at NRs. 104 per USD (this is subject to change depending on the current exchange rate).

Why do I need to pay VAT, TDS, and bank charge?

Our service charge is 15%. The rest of the costs have to be borne by the company for payment to banks and government agencies for a legal mode of payment.

What payment options are available?

At the moment we have two payment options: you can pay via Khalti or you can directly deposit the amount in our company bank account.

We will also be adding eSewa payment options soon.

If you have accounts in any of the following banks you can pay using e-banking via Khalti (the payment options will be provided in the drop down box):

  • Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
  • NMB Bank
  • Machhapuchchhre Bank
  • NIC Asia
  • Mega Bank

All transactions will be provided with a proper VAT bill.

Do I need to pay money before?

You don’t need to top up money in our app to register or create a draft ad – you will only be prompted to make a payment once you have decided to run your ad.

How to add NRs. in our ads account?

You cannot add any amount in our Ads Manager account at the moment . However, you can pay through Khalti or directly deposit in our company bank account. You can see the payment options once you’ve completed all the procedures for boosting your ad.

Why do you need to pay for TDS?

The TDS expense here is for Facebook as they don’t have a registered business in Nepal. If anyone is not registered with VAT, we have to deduct 15%.

If you still have any doubts, you can either visit our office or talk to your tax consultant.

Can I use a Facebook coupon to pay instead?

If you have already redeemed your coupon, then we cannot really help you as coupons once redeemed are not transferable.

However, if you have not redeemed the coupon, we might be able to help you at a minimal cost. Please visit our office for the same.


Does your app use HTTPS?

Yes we have added HTTPs to our app.

How can I advertise my App?

We can’t advertise apps through our ads manager app but we can run it separately for you. Please fill up our enquiry form and we will contact you.

Is there any requirement for being an agent or a re-seller?

We have not thought about any agency or partnership at the moment as the app is fairly new and we are busy releasing other features for the app (page likes, Customer ads, etc). However, we do have plans to release the platform to agencies in future.

Why do i see this on my screen – Oops, something went wrong!

You need to add your email address to your Facebook account. If you use only your mobile number to log into Facebook our app may not work. However, we are trying to fix this bug . Please try again.